This course is designed specifically for an IT help desk or user support functions. This course cover from introduction to the service concepts, skill sets, career paths, and operations of the help desk industry. This course also focuses on the technology, tools and  echniques involved in how to run an effective help desk. The course takes a look at the many software options available for tracking and managing the massive influx of data that come into a help desk daily. Managing IT Help Desk also details the types of tools specific to staff, management and customers.

Computer and Network Administrators, Software Developers, IT Managers, Analyst, IT Consultants.

  • Have a sufficient understanding in computer hardware and networking
  • Have a basic knowledge about Windows environment

After completing this course the student should be able to:

  • Understand a broad overview of the help desk and help desk industry.
  • Understand the integration of people, processes, technology, and information, to achieve successful help desk operations.
  • Examines the many software options available for tracking and managing data.
  • Perform user’s log, track, and escalate calls, as well as resolve problems.

Help Desk Concepts

  • Introduction to Help Desk Concepts
  • Help Desk Operations

Help Desk Components

  • The People Component: Help Desk Roles and Responsibilities
  • The Process Component: Help Desk Processes and Procedures
  • The Technology Component: Help Desk Tools and Technologies
  • The Information Component: Help Desk Performance Measures

The Help Desk Setting

Customer Support as a Profession

  • Job Descriptions for the Help Desk
  • Help Desk Resources
  • Service Technology Trends and Career Resources

Help Desk Technology, Tools & Techniques

  • Support Environments and Processes
  • Common Support Software Tools and Features
  • Support Performance and Reporting Tools
  • Call Management Software
  • Problem Resolution Software
  • Asset and Change Management Tools
  • Alerts and Notification Tools for Support
  • Telephone Based Technology
  • Office Space in the Support Environment
  • Self Help Tools

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